For testing and compliance, please contact:
Tracy Risner, Engineering Manager

Chad Novak, Vice President
M: 330-322-0919

Bill Loshbough, Technical Sales Manager
M: 505-269-5258

Danny G. Maxwell, Market Manager
M. 229-886-9131

David Murphy, Market Manager
M. 336-906-6413

Roger Ashby, Market Manager
M. 317-694-1718

Kathy Everett, Director OEM Sales – US/Canada
M: 419-569-8674

Jerry Hiler, Director of Commercial Sales

Jose M. Gonzalez, Regional Sales Manager
M: 562-688-3343

Brandie Pitt, Customer Service
419-492-2157 Ext. 228

Shelbee Ramirez, Customer Service
419-492-2157 Ext. 221